Thursday, January 2, 2014

Magic President Portraits

If you are getting ready to study the Presidents then you have to buy these magical presidential portraits from a very talented teacher on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Her TPT store is Students of History.
These presidential portrait pictures actually look real!  They move, blink, and tilt their head as if they were alive.  She's having a sale (I don't know how long it will last) and you can even download John Adams for free!  She also has Leading Figures of the Civil War, Andrew Jackson, and more.

My kids couldn't stop talking about them.  Talk about quick and easy engagement!  Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jefferson Interactive Student Notebook Lesson

I'm teaching a split this year and really need to get on top of several of our upcoming lessons.   I really enjoy planning while my children are watching TV, on the computer, or outside playing basketball.  It's nice... plan for a little bit, check Facebook, pin on Pinterest, watch some TV, hang out with the family, cook, and then back to the beginning.  I'm loving it!

I've been working on my Thomas Jefferson lesson for 8th grade.  The scope and sequence says I have two days to teach it.  Sorry that T.J. has been reduced to two days, but I'll make it work.   I've noticed in class that whenever I mention anything about Thomas Jefferson my kids remember the Louisiana Purchase (thanks 7th grade Texas History teachers!!) and they remember that it cost $15 million.  Now I just have to have them remember Lewis & Clark, the Embargo Act, and Marbuy v. Madison.

To help my kids remember those points about Jefferson's administration, I created a foldable for our Interactive Student Notebooks.  I want the Louisiana Purchase front and center.  Besides shading in this section of the United States, students will also trace the exploration routes of Lewis & Clark.  I want them to get an idea of the massive amounts of territory that they covered.

For the processing... students will take 2 sets of political cartoons (one & two) and create dialog boxes for them.  I haven't made the rubric just yet, but I will attach a few of the pictures that I copied for this activity.

Do you ever plan over your breaks?

Monday, December 30, 2013

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